USA Summer Camp - American Counselor Applications

USA Summer Camp

Application Process

We now have new application process: 


  • Instead of an application form you simply send us an email message with the information requested below.  We will reply when we receive your email.  Please  follow up if we do not send a reply that the email was received within two business days.


  • Download the Reference Evaluation form (tab above) and send it to two professional references and ask them to fill it out and email it to us directly.  The best references are teachers or supervisors that have knowledge of your abilities that relate to being a camp counselor.


  • Returnee Applicants (past USA Summer Camp counselors) do not need to have the Reference Forms.  See instruction below for applying.


  • All applicants need to read the Counselor Agreement and Financial Info pages (see tabs) to be sure they understand the challenge and commitment to be a successful counselor. 



  • All applicants will receive a message on or before March 10 regarding selection status.  If you do not receive a message contact us at:


  • All “Partner School” applicants should apply directly to their college.  Having the partner school recommendation highly increases the chance for selection.  This includes:  UW-Oshkosh, UW-Stevens Point, UW-River Falls, UW-Whitewater, University of Northern Colorado, Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College and Saint Paul College.


To Apply for a Camp Counselor position:


Returnee Applicants:  Send an email to

Subject Line: “Your Name” Returnee Application

Deadline: February 20,2019

Text of the Email Message:

  • Your Name:

  • The Year, Team when you were an AC:

  • Name of your AD and JD:

  • Why you wish to do it again:


New Applicants:  Send an email to

Subject Line: “Your Name” Camp Application

Deadline: February 20, 2019

Text of the Email Message: (Type or copy/paste the items below with your replies.)

  • Your Name: 

  • Email Address: 

  • Birthdate: 

  • Gender: 

  • City, State, Country of Residence: 

  • Country of Citizenship*:

(to apply you must be a citizen of a country with visa waiver agreement with Japan.See this website for a list:

  • School:

  • Major/Minor:

(If graduated from college, note year and field of your degree)

  • Reason for wanting to be a camp counselor on our program.

  • Related Experience:

(Any work with children, Teaching experience, counseling experience).

  • How you heard about USA Summer Camp:

Note: If you have pictures of you working with children you are welcome to attach them.  They are not required but often make an impression on our selection committee.

Important: Be sure to download and send Reference Evaluation form to your references and follow up with them to be sure that they send them to us in a timely manner.  Within two-weeks of your application.  Or, if you apply after February 6, by the application deadline of February 20.