USA Summer Camp Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of FAQ to help counselors prepare for the summer:


Do I need a visa to visit Japan for camp?


No.  Our counselors are eligible for the 90-day visa waiver agreement between Japan and the United States.  If you do not have an American passport please check with us to be sure your country also has a visa waiver agreement with Japan.- See more at:


Do I need any immunization shots before coming to Japan?


No.  Normally there are not any special shots recommended for visiting any of the regions of Japan where are camp sessions take place.  If a situation were to rise whereas special shots were being recommended we will put out a special notice to all of our counselors.


Do I need insurance?


Yes!  All counselors are required to have health coverage during there stay in Japan.  Check to see if your insurance covers you while you are in Japan and if not you can get an inexpensive travel insurance policy for the trip.  


Will my cell phone work in Japan?


In most cases no.  Please check with your phone company if you are not sure.


Can I use my ATM card in Japan?


Most international ATM cards will work at Japanese post office ATM machines, but make sure with your bank before you depart.  Many banks refuse overseas withdrawals unless the customer has informed them of the trip.


Do I need to prepare for the English lessons at camp before I come?


No.  Our camp curriculum has been fully prepared and you will learn about the lesson plans and campers during the orientation period in Japan before camp begins.


Do we receive training before our campers come to camp?


Yes.  We will have a 4-5 day orientation after you arrive in Japan. When do we find out our exact schedules for camp and off days in Japan?It is difficult to give counselors schedules before the arrival in Japan because camper recruitment continues up to the time camp begins and we get a lot of changes.  The night you arrive in Japan you will stay in a hotel with your team and the next day you will go by charter bus to camp for your team orientation.  


Where does camp take place?


A lot of places.  Each team does nine 3-day camp sessions, usually at a variety of different public and private facilities.  Your team is likely to visit several different towns or prefectures for camp sessions.


Can I bring a laptop computer to camp?


You can, but at most of the camp facilities you will not have any internet access, but there may be some that do.  Keep in mind that computer use will be limited to when campers are not around.  Also be aware that you will be responsible for the safety of the computer.


What is the dress code at camp?


Very casual.  Summers in Japan are hot and humid so t-shirts and shorts are popular.  The only concern is that counselors need to be careful that fashion is conservative and does not show ….. how do we say this ….. parts of the body that do not need a sunburn.  That includes midriffs.  Keep in mind you may often be sitting on the ground teaching so check to see how tops fit and pants or shorts fit when you are bent over and sitting.  As noted in our counselor agreement facial piercing including tongues is not allowed during camps.  Tattoos should also be covered as much as possible.


Can I bring a musical instrument to camp?


Sure … a lot of past counselors even brought guitars and it made camp more fun.  But, as you will be moving around a lot you may find it a hassle and as noted with computers you are responsible for the safety and care of the instrument.