English for the Next Generation

ENG Teaching Internship

Nagasaki, Japan

Three terms per year, three international students (or recent graduates) will be selected to intern with Guy Healy, Japan as part of the teaching team for the English for the Next Generation (ENG) Project.  This is a non-salaried position however the major expenses of coming to and living in Japan are covered including airfare and dormitory lodging.



Winter: Early January to End of March

Summer: Mid-May to End of July (or early August)

Fall: Mid-September to Mid-December

Note: Exact dates fluctuate each year.  There are no application deadlines and selections are usually about 60-90 days prior to the term but decisions can be expedited upon request.



Guy Healy, Japan is researching and developing the English lesson curriculum from the USA Summer Camp for year-round use in the Japanese School System.


Interns will team teach small group lesson plans similar to the methods used at USA Summer Camp.  Below are the main classes but new programs may be added.


English Teaching will include:

  1. Seido Girls Elementary & Junior High School

Each class will have 3 Interns and from 13 to 30 students.  We will teach grades 1 – 9 at the girls school.  This teaching assignment will be 9 45-minute classes per week.

(Currently there is also one KG class on Saturday morning.)


  1. USA English Club

We will also hold camp-style classes at our own Nagasaki offices for students of various ages.  This will be a 6/1 small group ratio very similar in style to USA Summer Camp.  This teaching assignment will include up to eight 60-minute classes per week.


  1. ENG Demonstrations & Appearances

The interns will take part in various demo classes and appearances to promote the ENG Project to schools, students and media. 


  1. DVD Program

Interns will also create video lessons for their students at Seido.

Work Hours

The above work assignment is tentative and subject to changes.  Interns should be flexible, however the position will not exceed a 36-hour work week and classroom hours will not exceed 24-hours per week.  Interns can expect to have plenty of free-time to enjoy their time in Nagasaki and take part in various cultural activities. 


Work Environment

In the fall of 2010 we opened our new “Office/Dormitory” building.  Interns both live and work in this new facility. The building is located in the lively Shindaiku shopping area in the heart of Nagasaki City.


Interns are strongly encouraged to bring personal laptop computers.  The building has free wireless internet and time on office computers may be limited due to office needs.



Interns will both live and work in this new facility.  Interns will have the choice of a small private bedroom or a shared twin-bedroom.  Members will also prepare their own meals and work together to form rules and conditions of the shared living environment.



GHJ will provide:

  1. Roundtrip Air Ticket to/from Japan

  2. Dormitory Lodging as described above


Student Interns will be responsible for their own:

  1. Meal expenses <about $50- $75 / week >

  2. Personal Health Insurance in Japan

  3. Personal spending money


Application Process

To receive updated information and/or an application form contact: staff@guyhealyjapan.com