While we have always taken great pride and satisfaction in providing airfare and living expenses for our counselors, to hopefully ensure the financial security and future of USA Summer Camp, this year we need to place two financial conditions:


1.    Acceptance Fee

Each counselor will need to pay $150 to USA Summer Camp to accept the position.  This is an administration cost and is non-refundable.  Only accepted counselors need to pay this fee and it is only due after we have finalized your airline ticket.


2.    Airfare Limit

Our budget requires us to set a maximum amount we can cover for each airfare ticket to/from Japan.  The maximum amounts for counselors are as follow:


Tokyo Team:                    $1600

Nagoya/Kyushu Team:    $1700


We are very hopeful that this will cover the full fare at the time of ticketing, but once counselors are selected and fares are confirmed, counselors will have the option of cancelling before accepting the position.


For the counselors selected, Guy Healy, Japan will provide for the following:


1. All host family arrangements. Counselors will not be required to pay any fee to host families for room and board.


2. Food and lodging during all assigned days at the camp program.


3. Transportation expenses between host family’s home and the camp program.



Counselors selected for the program will be responsible for the following:


1. Transportation between USA departure airport and student’s home.


2. Overseas health insurance policy for stay in Japan.

Note: If students are not covered by their family or personal insurance, an overseas policy can be purchased for $22 - $100, depending on level of coverage.


3. Personal spending money for their stay in Japan, Recommended to bring at least $400 to $600. This does not include extensive personal shopping or take into account a great deal of eating or drinking out with friends.

Financial Information