Guy Healy, Japan

Guy Healy (second from right) with Caroline Kennedy, the US Ambassador to Japan.

The History of Guy Healy, Japan


In 1984 Guy Healy and his wife Yoko came to Japan to start an agency to promote education and culture exchange programs between Japan and the United States.  The endeavor was initially supported by the University of Oregon where Guy was working on a Master’s Degree in Recreation Management.  Before coming to Japan, Guy was a recreation coordinator for the Seattle Parks & Recreation Department for five years and worked overseas in Saudi Arabia for two years as a recreation manager for Northrop Corporation. 


Guy became interested in Japan after meeting Yoko at Eastern Washington University where Guy was an undergraduate student and Yoko was an exchange student from Nagasaki, Japan.  They were married in 1981 and have one daughter and one grandson.


The initial name of the agency was The American Connection, but in 1998 a partnership was formed with Koichiro Kita and Guy Healy, Japan (GHJ) became a limited corporation registered with the Japanese government.  GHJ is now involved in a wide variety of projects and also formed the company GHJ International.


Guy is very active and passionate in promoting friendship and cooperation between the people of Japan and the United States.  He has served as vice-president for the Japan-America Society (Nagasaki Chapter) for the past fifteen years.


Our Vision


Since its foundations, GHJ has sent hundreds of thousands of American and Japanese students, athletes, and teachers to Japan and the United States to experience each others' cultures to build trust and understanding between the two nations.  With dozens of successful programs continuing to expand and flourish, GHJ continues to seek new avenues to strengthen the relationship between the United States and Japan for many years to come.  



Guy Healy, Japan



2-16 Shindaiku Machi

Nagasaki City 850-0017

Nagasaki Prefecture


Tel: (+81) 95 807 6200


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