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Beautiful and historical Nagasaki, Japan

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Camp Kyushu

Nagasaki, Japan

Camp Kyushu is a customized Japanese culture program offered to high school and college school groups.  It is not merely a sightseeing trip.  It is a chance to experience the beauty, culture and language of one of Japan’s most beautiful and historic cities.  More importantly, the focus of the program is to provide a wide variety of opportunities to immerse with the students and people of Japan.  Nagasaki is one of the most welcoming cities in the world and our schools and families greatly appreciate the chance for their Japanese students to meet and interact with visitors from other cultures.

Example of Activities

  • Practice and Perform Skit (in Japanese) for Kindergarten Kids

  • Visit Peace Park and Atomic Bomb Museum

  • Japanese Onsen (optional)

  • Karaoke (Lunch & Free Songs)

  • High School and/or College Visit (activity with students)

  • Temple & Shrine Tour (w/talk on Buddhism and Shintoism)

  • Shopping Mall

  • Visit to Shimabara Castle (wear samurai outfits for pictures)

  • Japanese Lesson at Japanese University

(by Japanese Department students)

  • Weekend Homestay (optional)

To Teachers:  Our program is designed to work with Japanese (or other) teachers in non-Japanese countries to provide a program with your school.  Our fees are much, much lower than planning a typical sightseeing trip and we work with teachers to provide a customized program including escort financial support. 


To receive more information and fee structure contact us by email at: